Finding a therapist can feel like an overwhelming task. Seeking therapy can be particularly difficult if you are a part of a cultural community that associates mental health treatment with stigma. If you are interested in pursuing treatment with a mental health professional, but you aren’t quite sure about how to do so, this article […]

Source: Marvel Since the announcement of the Black Panther movie, Black people have been exhibiting all kinds of joy and excitement for a film that represents Black culture in a positive light. Here are some reasons why this film is so important to the well-being of Black people across the globe. Black Panther is Necessary […]

Have you ever considered psychotherapy, but where unsure as to whether you would be willing to actually seek out care. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? That you might have to be vulnerable with someone and open up about your whole life with a complete stranger. What if this person doesn’t get you? What if […]

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